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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My dad

There hasn't been much going on in my life lately, do I haven't had
much to write about. My "audience" should understand. The only thing I
was kicking around in my head was some blog post about my dad.

See, I only live with my mom now. My dad may or may not even be living
at the same place anymore. I haven't talked to him in person for a
month or so. He only sends text messages when he wants something or
has something to announce (like his phone is about to be cut off, or
that it has cut back on). Despite that, I've been starting to miss
having him around. He's quick to make bad jokes, or comment on
something that happened somewhere I. The world, but he otherwise
stayed to himself. It was odd, then, when he started sending messages
saying how much he loves us (me and my sisters), and how he misses us.
Mind you, he would never say that in person. The last time I had
substanstial physical contact with him was when I graduated from
highschool and he gave me a big hug. Lately, he's been extremely
irresponsible and frequently MIA, so I haven't gotten the chance to
really talk to him.

I miss my dad.

Well, that was before he updated his facebook status today (never make
my mistake and add even one of your parents on facebook). The new year
"has brought new blessings," he says. However, "it was clear that some
things had to he removed to bring about these new blessings".


What? You mean you had to remove your wife and family from a house
that you haven't contributed to in years? You had to remove having to
pay for electricity, gas and water to live comfortably? And yet you
still can barely pay your cell phone bill, you have to hide your car
from the repo men so you can pay later, and there has not been one
word of apology for ruining my life, my sisters lives, and most
importantly, my moms life!

What is there to miss, good sir, when you could have kept everything
if you really meant to provide for the family? As far as I'm
concerned, you had to remove your self respect and integrity to even
continue living with yourself. What man leaves his wife for some
bimbo, comes back 4 years later, provides for 10 years, and decides to
just stop and instead go out all night and smoke cigars? Midlife
crisis, maybe, but that is no indication of a man to me. Precisely the
reason I don't even want to think of getting married because I'm
scared to death of turning into my dad.

And yet, I still miss my dad.


  • At 8:01 PM, Anonymous WingWoman said…

    :gives humongous hug:

    I think this is the sole purpose of having a blog.

    You do have a right to be angry. And you also do have a right to miss him.

    You just gotta remember that its just another bullet in the metaphorical gun that life points at you. You just gotta make your skin thick enough to take em.


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