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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random thought

After watching the Super Bowl whilst attempting to do my homework (attempting is the word!), I just thought to myself "Wow, I actually have wonderful friends who care about me". This is a real accomplishment for me, because it has taken me so long to acknowledge it. People who look out for me, people who comfort me, people who would cry for me... it was once something I believed wasn't possible at one point, but it's all coming together now.

Last Friday, I had a delightful conversation with a friend of mine on AIM. It made me realize the importance of just talking with others for venting purposes, not to mention how fun it is to interact with others (something I don't do often). She really is a sweet person, and at times its really hard to believe that she is 3rd in our class, but she always has time to help someone out. The time she spent talking to me really meant a lot, since it helped me to address some things about myself. Thanks sooooo much, you know who you are! Even though the convo was a day before my Bday, it was the best present I have ever recieved. You are truly appreciated

And with that said, I'm off to be lazy and stuff.